The Secret future of Digital Marketing

What is the future of marketing and how do you know that it's here or could it already be here? 🤔

What is marketing and where could it be heading❓

It's very hard to determine where marketing can be in the future but one thing that you can know or be sure of is that marketing is a simple thin...

To understand where marketing is heading you need to understand where the world is heading and understand your future audience before its too late.

As a 19-year-old, I understand what the younger generation wants and what captures their attention or (My attention). The younger generation from ages 18 - to 25 is the future of marketing as we know it

. To predict what the future of marketing will look like we need to understand the upcoming audiences.

Tik Tok is proof that the newer and younger audience prefer short-form videos that are entertaining and don't require a lot of concentration and focus. This is the indication that we need to understand where marketing is heading and what lies ahead in the future for marketing.

What does this content look like and how can businesses use this content-driven opportunity for their businesses?

In understanding how we can leverage the Tik Tok and short-form video bubble we need to understand how and why the younger audiences enjoy the App and why the Short-form content is so popular.

The short-form content is not popular because people are work alcoholics and don't have the time to spend time on a 10 min YouTube video compared to a 30 second Tik Tok video.

The key to all of this is Authenticity the younger and more energetic audience wants something more authentic and spontaneous. There is a tremendous shortage of businesses that leverage the platform to produce authentic content that is Educational, Trend relevant and has pure intent.

The truth is that people have a good Bull shit gauge, what this means is that people can normally always see the intent behind a video, Is it to entertain and inform you or is it to ask you for your money and sell you something.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be deconstructing the understanding of the future of marketing and where the marketing world is headed.

Stay tuned for more!